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This LibGuide is an attempt to demonstrate proper citations (bibliography and footnotes) for three different styles (MLA, APA, and SBL). For definitive works, please consult the physical manuals.

MLA 8th edition

Works Cited Page

Dyer, John. "Reader: Luke 1.1." Bible Web App. 2007-2016,

Citations (in-text)

(Dyer "Reader")

APA - Only include access date if source material may change over time, e.g, wikis - 7.11

Reference Page

Dyer, J. (2007-2014). Reader: Luke 1:1. Bible Web App. [Website]. Retrieved from

Citations (in-text)

(Dyer, 2007-2014)

SBL - 6.1.6, 6.3.10, 6.4.12-15 - per 6.4.15, no date except for Blogs

Reference Page

Dyer, John. "Reader: Luke 1:1." Bible Web App. 

First Citation (footnote)

16 John Dyer, "Reader: Luke 1:1," Bible Web App. 

Other Citations (footnote)

23 Dyer, "Reader."

Comments about Websites

Evaluation of sources is a huge part of learning to do research. Just because something appears in print does not mean it is true. This is very true in regards to websites. Unlike academic books and journals, websites are not reviewed and are rarely checked for accuracy. Websites can be created by anyone with internet access. Therefore, it is important that you evaluate what you are looking at. It only takes a few extra minutes, but use an evaluation sheet for each website you use, unless it was recommended or required by your instructor.

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