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CAPSTONE PROJECT: Voice in the Capstone Project

Voice / Style of Writing

  • It is important to remain even throughout the text of your paper. Modulate the length of sentences and paragraphs, but make sure that the tone is even. This is academic writing, it was never expected to be fun and exciting. You are reflecting on data collection. Not narrating a sporting event.
  • All of this is based in fact. This is a factual paper, not an opinion paper. The only opinion work occurs in the interpretation and application sections AND those sections are both drawn from facts of the research.
  • This is an academic paper:
    • This is not a personal writing - not a sermon, email, text, or a blog
    • You must remove yourself from the passionate involvement of the story. Yes, you are doing this because you are passionate about a problem, but this paper is the dispassionate academic look at the problem and potential solution, not your diary.
    • The APA Publication Manual recommends an active voice in the paper; it is OK to use "I", "me", and "my". (check with your instructor)
    • Along the lines of being an academic paper, there should be no jokes, stories, or personal quips in the paper. There is nothing funny going on in this project.

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