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Life Pacific University Alumni Library: Mission, Goals, and Objectives

Library Mission, Goals, and Objectives

Statement of Mission

The mission of the Life Pacific University Alumni Library is to create and sustain a first-class academic learning center which provides and promotes the use of information resources and learning environments in support of the university mission and academic programs.


Each of the Library values are addressed in at least one area of the four Library goals and supporting (14) objectives, which define the LPU Library as an academic library.

I. Provide institutional patrons, whether residential or non-residential, with access to resources necessary to achieve their academic and professional goals. To accomplish this, the library will:

i. Provide resources in sufficient quantity and scope to support the institution's mission and academic programs,

ii. Provide current and seminal resources,

iii. Provide various and adequate avenues for accessing physical and electronic resources, and

iv. Ensure the library's collection is safe-guarded.

II. Provide excellent information services. To accomplish this, the library will:

i. Provide courteous, prompt and knowledgeable reference services,

ii. Provide multiple streams of communication to all patrons,

iii. Maintain appropriate levels of qualified staff.

III. Provide physical and technological environments conducive to student learning. To accomplish this, the library will:

i. Maintain a clean, functioning and safe facility,

ii. Provide furniture and equipment conducive to study,

iii. Incorporate relevant current technology, and 

iv. Provide diverse study zones to accommodate multiple study styles.

IV. Provide research support and instruction. To accomplish  this, the library will:

i. Provide information literacy instruction in multiple environments,

ii. Work collaboratively with faculty to insure and support the incorporation of information literacy in class room instruction.

iii. Provide access to scholarly materials for research. 

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