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THEO 600 THEOLOGY AND WORLDVIEW: Worldview and Theology Project

This course explores Christian theology as it interacts with the diversity and complexity of various worldviews. Attention is given to defining, identifying, and critiquing various aspects of and contributing factors in the development of a worldview, as


The final “Worldview and Theology Project” will be a culminating project for this course that will be completed through four major assignments. The goal of this project will be to develop a personal theology of worldview for each students local context. In the end, it will be a 13-page written project that will be turned in on the final day of the course. To help the student, the three assignments during week 3, 5, and 7 will build to the completion of the final project on the final week.

The four parts of the project will consist of:

Part 1—What are the local worldviews? (3 Pages) What is your understanding of what the local worldview is where you reside? What are the predominate beliefs about how the world exists?

Part 2—What are the “local gods” behind these Worldviews? (3 Pages) As you can ascertain, what are the theological convictions of the worldviews in your local context?

Part 3—What is a biblical response? (3 Pages) Here, each student will complete a biblical exegesis of a section of Scripture (as chosen by the student) that speaks directly to the local contextual worldview. The professor will work with each student to determine an appropriate biblical text to exegete. How does the biblical narrative deal with these local worldviews and gods?

Part 4—What will ministry look like there? (4 Pages) Based on the exegetical work, what will ministry look like where you live? What kind of ministry paradigm will you need to develop to address these theological convictions prominent in your local setting?

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