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The library has created guides to help students with resources for their course assignments.  Each guide contains an assignment page providing help for specific assignments in the course, a sources page suggesting relevant sources and how to use them, and a citation page with guides on how to properly cite materials. To search for a guide for your course Libguides, click here.


Several video tutorials are available through our LibGuides.

Click here to access the Video Tutorials.

InterLibrary Loan

Administration, faculty, staff, and students of LPC Library in need of a book or other material not owned by the Library may request that the Library staff transact an ILL loan on his/her behalf. When such a request is made, the Library staff will undertake to locate a cooperating library which has the material, make contact, and request that the material be sent to us by mail or digitally when applicable. The library will not perform ILL requests for alumni, Foursquare pastors, institutional members, outside patrons, or patrons with suspended privileges (see Library Fine(s) Policies).

The Library will not fulfill ILL Book requests for Non-Traditional students (DCP, MASL, ELN, etc.) because of the inability to both fulfill, and return materials in a manner that fits within the time constraints of accelerated programs. The library will however, fulfill requests for students enrolled in Non-traditional programs who live within the surrounding area of the college and are capable of physically picking up and returning material at the LPC campus.

In most instances, the library can receive materials from lending libraries at no charge. In the event that an item is only available for a fee, the Library will pay all applicable service fees charged by lending libraries, as well as return postage depending upon the following criteria:

  • The library will not fulfill undergraduate student ILL requests which require an ILL fee.
  • The library will pay ILL fees for material related to faculty and departmental research.
  • The library caps the amount paid for an individual ILL item at $20. If a patron still desires the item, the patron is responsible to pay any cost exceeding the $20 cap.
  • The library caps the total yearly ILL expenditures per eligible patron (see criteria above) at $100 for full-time faculty, and $50 for adjunct faculty, administration, graduate students, and staff. The patron is responsible for all fees exceeding their yearly cap.
  • The patron becomes responsible for any late fees incurred due to turning in ILL material past its given due date, and for replacement costs if the material is lost or damaged.
  • The LPC Library will not fulfill patron requests for materials owned by LPC, except when the item has been marked as "Lost" or "Out for repair," and an additional copy of the item is not owned by the library.
  • The library will not fulfill requests for materials that are required reading/viewing in course outlines.

Approval of all ILL requests requiring a fee is dependent upon sufficient funds in the library budget. The money allotted to ILL, and the amount designated for caps may be adjusted annually to reflect budgetary concerns of the library and best practices within the industry.

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