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Citations Created By Others

As a word of caution, every citation generated by a website should be checked. Some website citation generators are better than others. Some citations created by word processors may be out of date. And even citations created by other software (EndNote or Zotero, et al) could be out of date. Always check with the Style Manuals.

Our catalog, WorldCat, can produce the citation for a Works page. If it is a book, click the title of the book in the results list and it will open a new page about just that title. Near the upper right is a small link/box labeled "Cite/Export". If you click that, then it will open a box and you can choose the appropriate Style.

Our major databases (ATLA/ATLAS, ProQuest, Credo Reference, and some of the others) will also produce a citation. The link is usually on the page with the article itself.

APA Styleguide

The two goals of citations are to identify and give credit to the originators of the ideas in your paper and to allow the reader to find and access the same information. It is important, therefore, to give as much detail about the source of information. Included in every citation should be (the order changes based on style guide): name of the creator (author), title of the work, title of the book or journal, edition information (if not the first edition), and publication data (who published, when and where).

Below are basic examples of how your citations are created and where the information comes from. 


Reference Page

Stendahl, K. (1962). Biblical theology, contemporary. In G. A. Buttrick (Ed.), The interpreter's dictionary of the Bible (1:418-32). New York, Abingdon Press.

Reference Page (if multiple articles from set are used, you cite the set)

Buttrick, G. A. (Ed.). (1962). The interpreter's dictionary of the Bible (4 vols.). New York: Abingdon Press.

Citations (in-text)

(Stendahl, 1962)

External Help APA

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