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Digital Reserves

Reserves are items (articles or book chapters) that the instructor wants all students to read/have access to. In a physical library, the photocopies would be in the library and the student would request the material to read. In a distance learning environment reserves are kept digital. Instructors have two places in which to place digital reserves: within Moodle as links to the articles, and within the WorldCat Discovery System.

Within Moodle, your instructor may place the article wherever they think it is appropriate; within a weekly block, on the sidebar block as a list of reserves, or within a separate readings block. In Moodle it is up to the instructor, so you may have to ask.

Within the WorldCat Discovery System, reserves are accessed in one place.

In the upper right-hand corner of the Discovery System is the location of the "Sign In" button. Sign in and then click "Course Reserves", which is found just below, and to the left of, the "Sign In" button.

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In the upper left corner, select your search method from the "Search for:" dropdown box. You may search by: course name, instructor name, department, or prefix. After choosing a method, enter terms in the search box and click "Search Course Reserves".

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This will open up the course or instructor's profile. From within the profile you will be able to click the links to books are articles assigned by the instructor.

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