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What is Outlook?

Outlook is actually two programs that work together provided by Microsoft. Outlook is first, an email program. The second part of Outlook is as a calendar program. All students at Life Pacific College have Outlook as part of their Office 365 account.

Two Calendars - hints

You can "create" as many calendars as you need within Outlook, but for academics, two calendars makes sense.

1 - create two calendars and label the first "scheduled" and the second "assignments"

2 - In the "scheduled" calendar create "appointments" for all recurring or fixed things, ie class sessions, church, ministry, etc. So it for the whole semester and include school holidays.

3a - In the "assignments" calendar create whole day appointments for due dates of all your assignments.

3b - Then go back two days from each of those due dates and set up "writing center" due dates (you do want to have all your written work edited).

3c - If the assignment is in sections, then create due dates for sections. If not, create an "appointment" for the entire length of the project, ie "Romans paper" with the start date as the day it is assigned and the "due date" as your "writing center" appointment date.

4 - turn on both calendars. By turning on both calendars you now have a grasp of how busy you are or should be. There are days that may have class, work, ministry, and three projects to work on. You can now see which days are "lite" days and that you can really spend time work on papers on those days. This also allows your to prioritize based on due dates.

5 - don't forget to make and keep those appointments in the writing center.


If you would like to receive text messages about your appointments or due dates, you can set that up in Outlook.

1 - sign in to your LPC email account

2 - click the settings widget in the upper right-hand corner (between the bell and your picture)

3 - expand the "general" settings in the options of the left

4 - select "text messaging" from the list

5 - "Set up text messaging" and set up your phone (limited to major carriers)

6 - select and edit "set up voice mail notifications"

7 - save those settings.

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