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What is a LibGuide

A LibGuide is a digital guide created by the Librarian to assist our patrons with accessing material, understanding policies, and assisting with research in various areas, including specific courses.

Our attempt to connect course to resource.

We create guides depending on need, as we see it. If there is a need and we are not aware of it, please let us know.

Requesting a LibGuide

If you would like a LibGuide created for your course, or even your discipline area, just let us know. The more information you can give us about the course and about specific assignments the better the LibGuide is. If you want students to use certain resources, we can highlight them. If your instructions or topics change from semester to semester, that is OK. We won't change the LibGuide every semester, but we can post general instructions and maybe a past topic as an example. I copy and paste from Course Outlines in many cases. The course outline information is usually not enough for good help. Ideally, you give us a copy of the actual assignment instructions.

If you would like to discuss the idea, just contact Steve Jung -, and we can arrange a time to discuss the possibilities.

Feel free to examine other LibGuides and see if there is anything you'd like (or not like).

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