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"Library Resources" now appear at the top right of the Moodle screen. The dropdown menu lists links to our library resources. Links include, Home Page to our website, a link to the catalog, and links to our various LibGuides.

Posting Reserve Materials on Moodle

Putting articles on reserve is a blessing. Yes, it can be time consuming. Yes, it may feel like you just did it 3 months ago (you may have). And yes, it is tedious to get the copyright go ahead.

There is a simple solution. DON'T POST THE ARTICLE. Yes, that seems strange, but to avoid the copyright check, and to feel like you are constantly requesting to post the same article, don't post the article. Instead, post THE LINK TO the article. If the article is open access or if it is available in one our databases, you can create a link to the article. That means the each student will go to the article at its source. By linking to the article, the article does not have to be checked against copyright. The students have access and you don't have to go about the reserve process every semester. If you create the permalink (discussed in the "Reserve Materials" tab for both EBSCO and ProQuest database hosts) then this is a one time thing.

This only works for articles that we have access to. This does not work for chapters of books or for articles not within our databases.

The permalink is just a URL, so you can easily post the link using Moodle's tools.

Posting a Video in Moodle

The TEACH Act of 2002 was a change to the copyright law specifically for distance education. As such, the Act makes provisions for such things as showing videos to distance learners. Yes, videos can be shown, but there are certain stipulations. Those stipulations are:
1 - the video must have been legally obtained,
2 - portion shown must be"comparable to that which is typically displayed in the course of a live classroom session",
3 - shown "at the direction of, or under the actual supervision of an instructor as an integral part of a class...",
4 - it is directly related to the content of the course, 
5 - limited to those "enrolled" in the course,
6 - cannot be available "for a longer period than is reasonably necessary to facilitate the transmissions...",
7 - reasonable measures are taken to prevent copying the video, and
8 - must inform, describe, and promote copyright awareness to the students.

If you would like to have a video posted within your Moodle shell you have a few options.

1) Post/host and manage the video yourself,

2) show a video that is already hosted within the "Library Repository" Moodle course, OR

3) request another video to be copied and hosted within the "Library Repository".

If the Library owns the video and it is in the "Library Repository" already, we only request 48 hours advanced notice. This will allow us the time to set the access points.

If the Library owns the video, but it is NOT in the "Library Repository", we request 1 week of advanced notice. We must upload, convert the video, and set the managed access points.

If the Library does not own the video, you must give us enough time to buy a copy of the video and then go about uploading it. We request two weeks. Even if you own a copy of the video, we cannot put a copy of that into the Library Repository, it would be a violation of copyright law.

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