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Contact Information

You may contact the Library at one of the following:
Phone: (909) 706-3009
Front desk:
Head Librarian - Gary Merriman (
Instruction Librarian - Steve Jung (
If you would like more information, or to have a resource sent to you, please fill out the Library – Information & Resource Request Form.‚Äč

Reserving the "Library Presentation Room" - * Faculty Only *

If you would like to reserve the Library Presentation Room for instruction, please contact the Library by using  the form found here.  If the room is available we will let you know, add it to our calendar, and place signage on the day the room is reserved.

The room is equipped with a projector and can be connected to a laptop or DVD player.

The room has tables and chairs arranged for group study when it is not being used for a class. If you would like the room arranged a specific way, please let us know in advance. We try to put the tables and chairs in rows for instruction.

Requesting Instruction - * Faculty Only *

If you would like to have a librarian do some research instruction, please contact the Library by using the form found here. We can accommodate most requests in the library, but can come to your classroom if desired. In your communication please tell us: when you would like the instruction, where you would like the instruction, and what you want covered. We can tailor our instruction to a specific paper or topic, but it takes us time to develop our talk. If you can send us the instructions for your assignment then we can be very specific in our instruction.

Typical instruction topics are: how to do research (ideas to reference materials to basic searching), how to search using the catalog and databases, and how and why of citing sources (MLA, APA, or SBL).

Life Pacific College Alumni Library | 1100 W. Covina Blvd | San Dimas, CA 91773 | Ph: (909) 706-3009 | Email:

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