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Welcome to Biblical Studies LibGuide

All LibGuides are works in progress. This LibGuide is complete enough for the public. In this LibGuide you will find links to many items that can help you in the areas of Biblical Studies and exegesis. The various tabs lead you types of resources. All of the resources found in this LibGuide are available through our Library. Many of the items are eBooks, so available online, while others are physical books available in the physical library.

Publishers and Their Theological / Denominational Bias

Below is a sortable spreadsheet of various Christian publishers. The list has publisher name, theological/denominational background and a comments column. This is meant to help understand the theological bias of a publisher.

Resources of Interest

Journals in EBSCO

Title (SBL abbreviation) - Full Text of all articles from earliest to the Present - many have articles indexed, but not full text even earlier. If you want those articles you must request them through InterLibrary Loan (ask a Librarian).

Biblica (Bib) - Full Text 1966-Present
Bibliotheca Sacra (BSac) - Full Text 1934-Present
Catholic Bible Quarterly (CBQ) - Full Text 1939-Present
Journal for the Study of the New Testament (JSNT) - Full Text 2012-Present
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament (JSOT) - Full Text 1976-Present
Journal of Biblical Literature (JBL) - Full Text 1890-Present
Journal of Pentecostal Theology - Full Text 1992-Present
Journal of the American Academy of Religion (JAAR) - Full Text 1967-Present
Journal of the Evangelical Theology Society (JETS) - Full Text 1958-Present
Novum Testamentum (NovT) - Full Text 1956-Present
Vestus Testamentum (VT) - Full Text 1951-Present
Zeischrift Fur Die Alttestamentliche Wissenschaft (ZAW) - Full Text 1933-Present [many articles in English]

To search within one of those journals, in ATLAS, put "JN" in the first box and follow that with the complete journal title in quotation marks, ie JN "Catholic Bible Quarterly". You will then enter your search terms in the other boxes.

Databases Related by Subject

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