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CITATION GUIDE: Commentaries

This LibGuide is an attempt to demonstrate proper citations (bibliography and footnotes) for three different styles (MLA, APA, and SBL). For definitive works, please consult the physical manuals.

Commentary Notes

The sequence of the information in a citation differs based on the preference of the style guide. APA, which is mostly used in sciences, places the date of publication as the second item. It does this to stress the importance of currency of information. In the humanities, the date is not usually as important and so the date is placed last in MLA and in SBL.

APA hint: if a quotation is used, then you must cite the page number within the citation. So a note would not be just the author's last name and the year, but would include a page number (or chapter, if appropriate).

(Talbert, 1992, p. 47) OR (Talbert, 1992, Chapter 6) - notice it is "p." for page and "Chapter" for chapter.

Single Volume, part of Series / Set

MLA 8th edition

Works Cited Page

Dahood, Mitchell. Psalms I, 1-50. Anchor Bible 16, Double Day, 1965.

Citations (in-text)

(Dahood 44)

APA - 7.02

Reference Page

Dahood, M. (1965). Anchor Bible: Vol. 16. Psalms I, 1-50. Garden city: Double Day.

Citations (in-text)

(Dahood 1965)

SBL - series title and volume number follow title - 6.2.24

Reference Page

Dahood, Mitchell. Psalms I, 1-50. Anchor Bible 16. Garden City: Double Day, 1965.

First Citation - notice abbreviation of series title (footnote)

15 Mitchell Dahood, Psalms I, 1-50 (AB 16; Garden City: Double Day, 1965), 44.

Other Citations (footnote)

23 Dahood, Psalms I, 1-50, 55.

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