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Major Assignment Instructions

Writing Handbooks and Styleguides

These books are instructional handbooks on various aspects of grammar, writing, and citation. Most will give brief examples and explanations of more than one style, but some are style specific. This course requires MLA (the Modern Language Association).

When searching for Handbooks or Styleguides try searching under "Subject". Search for "English language" AND (in all caps) "Handbooks, manuals". The results list will present a variety of handbooks and styleguides.

Books of Art, Architecture, and Pictures

These books deal with images of art in various forms.

When searching try the "subject" searching for "art", "art history", or "architecture". Of course feel free to keyword search for any of the terms that might come to mind; names of places, artists, or buildings.

Literary Author Biographies

These books are biographies about various authors.

When searching try using the "subject" search. Try looking up "authors, american" or "biography". You can narrow that down by adding information like "19th century" or similar. Another strategy would be to use the "subject" search and look up an individual by name, assuming you know the name. By looking up the person as "subject" you may have the chance to really narrow down your results to that specific person.

Information on Logical Fallacies

These books, ebooks and articles deal with the always popular idea of logical fallacies. These materials will help discover the fallacy and keep you from commiting it.

When searching for logical fallacies try using the "subject" search. Look for the subjects "fallacies (logic)" or just "logic".

Resources Recommended by Your Instructor

Dewey Numbers Related to Your Assignment

Handbooks and Styleguides

808 and REF 808

Books of Art, Architecture, and Pictures

700's Art

720 Architecture

740-770 Drawing, Painting and Photography

Literary Author Biographies

070 (news media and journalism)

810 (American literature in English)

920 (Biography and genealogy)

Logical Fallacies

160's, 165 and 168 are about Logic

428 is about English Usage

Online Articles for Review for Ignite Campus

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